GreenBox Wireless ModBus Data Logger

ZB-Connection wireless sensors for building automation and energy management

GreenBox Renewable Energy Management

Energy Reporting Software

Greenologic has fast become the industry's technology partner by providing innovative wireless solutions for the building control and energy management sectors.

We work collaboratively with market leading technology partners to create cutting-edge wireless energy management solutions that can reap significant cost benefits for the end-client. Sign up and become a partner

Greenologic is passionate about bringing new solutions to life - cost effectively. We pride ourselves on the ability to design, manufacture and distribute these solutions through our expanding partner network across the UK and worldwide.

Whether you need to extend the functionality of an existing BMS (Building Management System), or you're looking to provide a cloud-based wireless energy management solution; Greenologic covers all the bases.

Greenologic partners with organisations who understand the market to ensure the end-user gets the highest level of service - Get in touch today and become part of the wireless revolution!