Greenologic has cemented a firm reputation as a trusted technology partner, providing innovative data acquisition solutions with GreenBox 360 at the heart of the product portfolio.

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Scalable & highly flexible data harvesting capabilities

GreenBox 360 is an autonomous Modbus data concentrator and collector which provides our clients with reduced O&M costs and vastly improved asset management capabilities. Our main expertise is in energy monitoring however our clients have used the GreenBox 360 in a number of applications, including critical plant monitoring. Working with our industry partners, we can also assist in the design and production of custom monitoring solutions.

GreenBox 360 can be configured as a Modbus Slave to transmit data directly to your Master. It can also be programmed as a Modbus Master to poll data from Modbus Slave devices such as wireless sensors or meters. It can even be programmed to be both a Master and Slave on separate networks at the same time.

Whether you need to extend the functionality of an existing BMS, or you're looking to provide a cloud-based wireless energy management solution - Greenologic covers all the bases.